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DigiCut Electric Paper Cutter 450Z3


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BOWAY Electric Paper Cutting Machine 450Z3 - on BOWAY Digital Print Finishing Solutions
  • 450Z3


  • 50mm

  • 450mm

  • Auto Clamping System, guided on both sides.

  • Light Curtain Safety System

  • Powerful Inclining Cutting Technology

  • Optical Cutting Indicator

  • Blade Cutting Depth Adjustment Outside

  • Different Clamping Pressure by seperate Motor


The equipment is designed to provide you with improved

productivity, versatility, and quality.


• Intuitive user LCD display

• Programmable for up to 80 programs with up to 99 steps

• Electric blade, clamp and back gauge 

Benefi ts

• LED optical cut line ensures accuracy

• Reset button recalibrates machine for accuracy

• Full programmability increases speed of cutting


• Two handed cut and clamp activation buttons

• Mechanical safety latch and light curtain safety shield

• Push-out feature moves media forward after the cut is complete

DigiCut Electric Paper Cutter 450 Series

Max cutting size(mm)450*450450*450450*450460*460
Min cutting size(mm)50
Max cuting thickness(mm)50
Paper pushingManual

DigiCut Electric Paper Cutter 450 Series

1. Power up the machine.

2. Press the yellow Reset Button. The Home screen is displayed on the LCD.

3. To select the menu mode, press ENTER on theKeypad.

4. Press the Up or Down arrow for your desired mode,which is displayed on the LCD:

        • Behind Blade    • Front Blade

5. Press ENTER on the Keypad.    • Double 00 flashes.

6. Press the Up or Down arrow buttons to select a program number 00 - 80.

7. Press ENTER to select the program.

• The LCD displays the program number and cut values associated with the program. The first cut is highlighted.

8. Using the Keypad, enter the value for the first cut.• Use the Down arrow to proceed to and enterthe next cut value.

• Continue this process until all cut values are entered.

9. After the last cut value has been entered, key in a value of 0.00. This signifies the end of your program

and will return the Back Gauge to your first cut value position.

10. Press the Enter button to return the machine to the home screen and auto setup for the first cut of your


    • The first step is highlighted.    • You are now ready to begin your job.

11. Make the first cut by simultaneously pressing the Clamp Cut and Cut buttons until it finishes cutting.

• The Back Gauge then moves to the second step cut position, which is highlighted on the LCD.

• Once all cuts in the program have been completed,the Back Gauge and LCD return to the first step in the


12. Press the Enter button to exit the program.

13. Press the arrow to select the mode used in the program and press the Enter button.

• The program number blinks.

14. Use the Up or Down arrow to select program 00.

15. Press the Enter button.

16. Press the “C” button. • The cutter is now back in manual mode.

DigiCut Electric Paper Cutter 450 Series

Blade Replacement

The Cutting Blade can be sharpened for re-use or replacement. The blade should be sharpened

professionally. It will need to be sharpened or replaced under any of the following conditions.

• Media is cut poorly

• Cutting sounds abnormal

• After approximately 2,000 cuts

Cut Stick Rotation and Replacement

The Cut Stick provides a clean cut as the Cutting Blade makes contact with it. When the Cut Stick is

badly abraded and the paper is not cut cleanly, either rotate or replace the Cut Stick. The Cut Stick can be

rotated to provide eight cutting surfaces.

1. Turn the Circuit Breaker and Key to OFF.

2. Insert the Stick Removal Tool into the end of the Cut Stick and pull up.

3. From the front of the machine, lift the Cut Stick  out of the groove.

4. Do one of the following:

• Rotate the Cut Stick

• Turn the Cut Stick end-to-end

• Replace the Cut Stick if all eight surfaces are abraded.

5. Put the Cut Stick back into the groove of the machine, making sure that both ends are level

with the Working Table.

6. With the machine powered ON, press the Reset button.

• The Cutting Blade and Clamp move to home position.

Blade Depth Adjustment

If the Cutting Blade does not cut through the paper,the blade may need to be adjusted or the Cut Stick

may need to be changed. See “Cut Stick Rotation and Replacement”.The blade can be adjusted up to approximately

.9 inch (23mm). Adjustment is made with a number 6mm hex wrench on the upper right corner of the

machine above the Cutting Blade housing. Insert a number 6mm hex wrench in the bladeadjustment hole and turn the screw clockwise. Rotate 45 degrees, or a quarter turn, then check for propercutting.

• Counter-clockwise raises the blade

• Clockwise lowers the blade

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