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CO2 Laser Marking Machine


Widely used in garment accessories,food packages, electronic components, arts production, glass tone and etc.


Principle of Laser Pcessing

Laser processing is using high energy density laser beam on the surface of the workpiece to local irradiation, rapid gasification or color change of the material surface so as to expose the deep material, or lead to the physical surface of chemical and physical changes and carving out trace, or is through the energy of light burned material part, show the etching patterns,text,or precision drilling, cutting and groove processing. According to the type of laser can be divided into solid state laser and gas laser.

Product Name CO2 Laser marking machine
Supplier BOWAY
Model EW CO2-10/30/50/80/100/150 EW CO2-40/50/100L
Average output Power 10/30/50/80/100/150W  
Laser Wave length 10.64um  
Marking Area  70x70mm,110x110mm,140x140mm,175x175mm,300x300mm,500x500mm
Min Character Height 0.4mm 0.4mm
Min Linear Width 0.1mm 0.1mm
Power Supply 1kw/2.8kw 220V/50Hz 1kw 220V 50Hz


Advantage of Laser Processing

Computer editing, no need mold, save cost, shorten development cycle

Fine result, no processing stress, high consistency, high antifalsification

Non contact processing, high speed and precision, little deformation, enhance the added value of products

Environment friendly, non-toxi,no pollution

Low processing cost, suitable for mass production and small batch production

Advantage of  Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Superior quality, low price, high resolution

Fast speed,high efficiency, short batch processing time

Long life, high reliability, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours

High electro-optic conversion efficiency, little energy coupling loos, less power consumption

It is widely sued in bathroom accessories, electronic components, daily consumer goods, sensors,, batteries, auto parts,3C electronics,hardware industry,etc. 

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