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MF360 Multifunction all in 1 wire coil comb binding machine



Multifunction All-in-One Binding Machine

Heavy Duty Multi-Function Booklet Binding Machine MF360
aluminum binding machine for comb, wire and spiral coil
A machine focused on a variety of functions
International patent
with CE certificate
Combine comb, wire,coil binding functions into one unit
Alloy construnction make it durable and worry free for years
Electric coil inserting, manual comb and wire binding


Material : aluminum profile

♦ Comb binding method : manual

♦ Wire binding method : manual

♦ Coil binding method : electric    

Use all size of comb,double wire of 2:1,3:1,4:1,5:1,and 4:1 single wire
Adjustable of wire size guide to select proper wire size
Solid alloy construction wire hold
Coil insert controled by power motor enhance the binding productivity
Manual wire binding by aluminum handle
For 2: 1 wire binding (14.3mm to 38mm)
Manual wire binding by aluminum handle
For 3: 1 wire binding (4.8mm to 14.3mm )
Electric coil binding by foot pedal
For 4: 1/5: 1 coil binding (6mm to 25mm)
Manual wire binding by aluminum handle
For Plastic comb binding (6mm to 51mm)
All aluminum construction to make the machine durbale and classic

Power: AC110V/240 60/50HZ 200W



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